There will be 5 lecture mini-series, given by our main speakers. Each mini-lecture series will consist of four one hour lectures. In addition, there will be several outreach lectures in which potential applications are emphasized. The first workshop lecture will begin on Sunday at 9:30, and the final workshop lecture will end on Thursday evening.

Program and Schedule is available here.

The main lectures series include:

Eric Carlen (Rutgers University)  Kinetic theory methods in phase kinetics (see abstract)
Keith Promislow (Michigan State University)  Structure formation in multi-component polymer materials (see abstract)
Peter Voorhees (Northwestern University)  Interfacial Evolution in Materials (see abstract)
Brian Wetton (University of British Columbia) Numerical methods for energy gradient flows from materials science models (see abstract and material for download)
Johannes Zimmer (University of Bath) Upscaling from particles to PDEs (see abstract)

The outreach lectures are:
Dmitry Golovaty (The University of Akron)
Connecting the discrete and continuum theories for carbon nanotubes – a simple example.
Yoav Tsori, BGU
Ishi Talmon, Technion
Eugen Rabkin (Technion)
Capillary-driven topography and microstructure evolution in metals: matching experiment with theory
Peter Sternberg (Indiana University)
 Identifying Global Minimizers to a Nonlocal Isoperimetric Problem (see absract)